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      G. W. Carver Elementary is a small and nurturing school, full of dedicated professionals committed to student achievement and successful personal growth. Committed to engaging students in inquiry-based learning, we require students to connect with global issues of significance while learning a second language in addition to primary fundamental academic skills, necessary to access higher levels of education.

      We offer an International Studies/International Education Magnet program. The International Studies (IS) Program provides a rigorous international and academic program. IS students study Language(grammar/writing and literature) and Humanities in Italian. A supportive collaboration with the Italian government ensures that the educational requirements and standards of Italy are upheld and taught in the curriculum for the purpose of second language acquisition and program integrity. IS students in grades 1-5 receive an additional hour of Italian language. Our International Educational (IE) Program immerses students in a multicultural curriculum, which places emphasis on learning Spanish as a second language. Students are exposed to challenging dual language instruction, uniquely designed to provide a cross-cultural program of study. Students learn authentic language patterns and concepts. They also engage in hands-on experiences and project-based learning promoting success in a targeted second language.

      G.W. Carver Elementary strives to create and maintain a strong sense of community between students, parents and faculty. This endeavor is openly visible through the many community partnerships, student showcases and open-house events through-out the year. A supportive and healthy flow of parents at school campus has become an active force in shaping and sustaining G.W. Carver Elementary School's commitment to becoming an inspiring, compassionate and successful learning institution.

      For more information on our International Studies/International Education Magnet program, visit the Parent Resources section of this website where you may view/download the Magnet Brochure. To apply, click on the Magnet Schools button on this page and you will be directed to the Magnet Schools Application website. The application period for the 2016-2017 school year is open from October 1, 2015 until January 15, 2016.