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    G.W. Carver Elementary is a historical school with a vision toward the future. Our students are preparing themselves to become successful lifelong learners, global citizens, and business leaders in the twenty-first century. Parents and community partners are collaborators in this process, supporting student achievement, career awareness, and good citizenship. G.W. Carver Elementary offers an enriched traditional basic skills program as well as an Extended Foreign Language Program (EFL) in Spanish and International Studies (IS) in Italian. Carver offers extracurricular activities that include participation in book, advanced math, science, art and drama clubs.

    In order to meet the challenges we the faculty at G.W. Carver Elementary School commit ourselves to multicultural global awareness. We hope to attain this by emphasizing cultural sensitivity toward our differences and similarities, consequently, forming a unified student body by setting positive future goals. In addition, we hope to make our students more marketable in today's competitive workforce through the infusion of our Italian, Spanish, and English Language Programs.

    We strive to establish a strong culture of professionalism among teachers, administrators, and support staff.

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